Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mi favorito

Mi favorito

Mi animal favorito es el perro. Mi favorito perro es el Gold Retriever. Aunque yo tengo un Maltese el Gold Retriever todavía es mi favorito perro. Hay muchos blogs que hablan de perros y mi favorito blog es "Golden Retrievers" en tumblr.

Golden Retriever  (una foto de el blog)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


1. What was your favorite part?
My favorite part was doing the timeline on Caesar Chavez. I was able to learn a lot of interesting facts on him that i didn't know before. I also enjoyed making the presentation on Prezi. It was fun choosing the layout, fonts, pictures, and all that other stuff.

2. What was most challenging?
The most challenging was "Los Acentos" practice test. I found it more challenging because it was the firs test of the class. Aside from that I was clueless on the topic of acentos. I didn't know anything about spanish except talking and somewhat reading and writing.

3. How could you make your portfolio better?
I can make my portfolio better by keeping everything organized. This semester I kept every single paper that was handed out. The problem was on my organization. I didn't keep it in chronological order so all my papers are jumbled up in my folder.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Acerca de Mí

Hola mi nombre es Eliana Alfaro. Yo asisto Mira Costa y estoy en el décimo grado. Vivo en Manhattan Beach, California con mi familia. Tengo un perro mascota, su nombre es Zoella. Soy parte China y Guatemalteca. Me encanta el arte. Mi libro favorito es la serie Beautiful Creatures. Mi favorito deporte es Voleibol y me encanta yoga. Mi favorito color es azul. Planeo ir a la universidad y estudiar para la ley.